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Jesus’ Church Doesn’t “Suck.” Period.

If you are gathered with people who first and foremost consider felt needs, personal desires and tastes; if more prominence is given to the style of the service than the substance; the flash and splash is more front and center than the Word and Sacrament; if the leaders of your gathering succumb to fads and the whims of the culture, then you are very likely not in Jesus' church but in somebody else's church and that "church" probably does suck.

The Church: Followers & Minions of Jesus

It is not "sacramental entrepreneurs," but "sacramental minions" that our Lord desires. He desires those who have been taught to treasure everything He has commanded and will faithfully carry out His will and His commands as He has clearly given them to us in the Scriptures. For His Word and the Sacraments that He instituted are God's instruments through which He sends His Holy Spirit to work faith in those who hear the Gospel when and where it pleases Him.

Startups and Upstarts in Jesus’ Day

The problem of upstarts pushing forward with startups in the church is not new. De-emphasizing the commands of God in favor of the ideas and thoughts of men is as old as the Church itself. Adam and Eve were induced by Satan to set aside God's Word and eat of the forbidden fruit. And, the Pharisees and teachers of the Law in Jesus day were regularly called out by Jesus for setting aside the Word of God for the traditions of men.

All Christians are Sacramental Minions

Every Christian is recreated by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word and Sacraments. All true Christians have been turned from a rebellious, militant revolutionary who seeks to overthrow God's rule and authority, into a minion of our Lord, Jesus Christ. And He accomplishes this through His Word and Sacraments.
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