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Sacramental Minions: Planting a Reformation

Planting churches as Sacramental Minions doesn't look like setting up a coffee house or starting a new business venture. Rev. Steve Schave, director of Urban and Inner-City Mission and coordinator of LCMS Church Planting with the Office of National Mission, recently described a thoroughly Sacramental approach that remains faithful to the Lord's will and command.


n this series, we see that God has established this enterprise called the Church and He desires that we follow and carry out the “best practices” that He has given us in His Word. We are minions in the work of the Kingdom He established, not “entrepreneurs” seeking to start something new.

The Church: Followers & Minions of Jesus

It is not "sacramental entrepreneurs," but "sacramental minions" that our Lord desires. He desires those who have been taught to treasure everything He has commanded and will faithfully carry out His will and His commands as He has clearly given them to us in the Scriptures. For His Word and the Sacraments that He instituted are God's instruments through which He sends His Holy Spirit to work faith in those who hear the Gospel when and where it pleases Him.
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