A Sacramental Minion as Terminal Cancer Patient

Death sucks. And while this leads many to attempt to calm their fears by grasping for personal control over the situation, as a Christian with a Savior who loves me dearly and who has redeemed me from a dying world, I have a higher calling. God wants me to be comfortable in my dependence on Him and others, to live with Him in peace and comfort no matter what comes my way. As for my cancer journey, circumstances out of my control are not the worst thing that can happen to me. The worst thing would be losing faith, refusing to trust in God’s purpose in my life and trying to grab that control myself. – Maggie Karner


Maggie Karner is dying.  She isn’t alone.  We are all dying, actually.  But Maggie knows her end is likely nearer than most and it is likely to be marked by suffering, trial, and a temptation to give up her faith in her Lord and Savior.  But Maggie is a true Sacramental Minion.  She trusts and relies upon her Lord and Savior and seeks to die trusting fully in Him no matter the circumstance.

You can read Maggies testimony to a supernatural faith given to her by her Lord and Savior as she looks to face the greatest challenge of her life, her physical death.  She knows that she faces this as one who has been Baptized into Christ Jesus.  He has overcome death and the grave and by His resurrection, He promises that He will raise her to new life with Him eternally.  Therefore, she lives the life of a Sacramental Minion, that is, a Baptized child of God, dependent upon Him and the love and care He shows to her through those who care for her now as she awaits eternity with Him as she seeks to love and be loved, serve and be served in this world.

Pastor Matthew Dent



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